In 2014 Futurum qualified as an official government installer of electric vehicle charge points under the governments OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) scheme.

14aThe OLEV scheme originally offered consumers a free charge point for their homes if they owned or leased a plug-in electric vehicle or were the main user such as a company car driver. As the budget got quickly used up due to the rapid growth of electric and plug-in hybrids the scheme funding reduced and dropped again on the 1st March 2016.The scheme currently subsidises the end user to 75% of the cost which means you would pay from £299 for a charger to be installed. This can rise if, for instance, your fuse box is some distance from where the charger is being installed or further parts are required such as new 2-way mains boards or signal mater for the built in SIM which provides charge data back to OLEV.

The subsidy comes with rather a lot of paperwork and we need your V5C, proof of ownership, electric meter number and other info. If your car is leased or is a company car we also have to have other info from your employer or lease company. Our team will advise and set out the info required in a comprehensive quote.

Basic Conditions

EVWP1080 - HomeChargeThere are some caveats to this subsidy. The main one is that the car has to be able to be parked and charged off road such as in a private garage or on a drive. The units are fully waterproof and are usually sited on an outside wall. Units come either ‘universal’ without a cable fitted or ‘tethered’ with a cable . We recommend that consumers have a universal charger as there are 2 types of cable connection and should you change your car at some point and it has the other type (Type 1 or Type 2) then the unit would not be suitable. Cables cost about £100 but you may be able to negotiate a free one from your car dealer.

Cars typically take 4-8 hours to charge and you have the choice to opt for a normal or fast charge unit. It would make sense that you opt for a vehicle and charger that charges in 4 hours as the kit cost is only £30 more.

IMG_0207 - CopyIf you have a vehicle and qualify please call our team on 01305-755700 and we will book a survey to check suitability which takes about 20 minutes. We can then work out if the property is suitable and if there are any additional costs due to the location of the unit in relation to where your fuse box is.

Installation takes between 2 and 4 hours and we then have some paperwork to fill out with you so we can claim or costs back from OLEV.

We currently install units from both Rolec and Pod-Point and also install commercial versions such as the one here at our Head Office in Dorchester. These presently have no subsidy but can usually be claimed back under a companies Annual Investment Allowance. Coin and token units are usually installed for about £2000.

Futurum, a highly rated company

We have installed dozens of units and are highly rated on Checkatrade for our work. our latest domestic customer based in Verwood, Dorset commented:

‘What a fantastic, friendly company. Kept me informed at every step and suggested best practices without being pushy in any way. The work carried out was first rate. Clean, tidy installation by very friendly staff. Highly recommended.’

ProudMembersOfCATIf you have an electric or hybrid plug in then call us on
01305-755700 to see how we can help and if you qualify for grants.



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