Our clients had asked us to survey their property and suggest a system to provide both electricity and hot water from renewable sources and reduce their bills all year round via a combination of Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

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After discussion and review we were instructed by our clients to install a solar PV and solar thermal system on their newly purchased property in Blandford, Dorset.

The house is a timber frame kit built house in a Swiss Ski Lodge style which is well insulated and stands proud on a hill over looking the Dorset countryside and beyond.

Our systems of choice were a 4 kW Solarworld PV panel system of 16 panels to provide electricity to the house along with a Joule Accapela System of 16 evacuated tubes for the hot water.


In addition we added an Immersun Self-Consumption Unit which helps the client use as much of the generated power on site as possible. The Immersun diverts surplus power to an immersion heater and can typically reduce the clients utility bills by £250 annually.

With 60% plus of most homes utility bills going to heat water for washing and heating, the installation of the 30 solar thermal tubes plus the Immersun will significantly reduce the clients bills.

IMG_4193 (1024x768)We also carried out some additional work on the clients property to the heat recovery system and assisted with the increase required to the loft insulation. To qualify for the Feed in Tariff (for the PV subsidy) your home needs to be above a ‘Band D’ on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Our own Energy Assessor carried out an EPC following the work and noted that the EPC rating had increased to at Band B 85, making this home more energy efficient than a new house ( a new house is typically a Band C).


To qualify for the subsidy on the Solar Thermal known as The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive the clients home needed to evidence filled cavity walls and have at least 250mm of lost insulation at all points, hence the required increase to the Rockwool in the loft.

Our clients are very pleased with the installation and kindly rated us with this review on the consumer website, Checkatrade. They said,

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