Our client already knew the benefits of having a Solar Thermal system as one was already in place, supplying hot water to the property. Sadly though this system became dysfunctional having been installed some time back by a company who no longer traded.

The client contacted Futurum Renewable Energy Systems because of problems with their existing system.

Having surveyed the existing system our engineer found it to be in a poor state. Several tubes were broken and half the array wasn’t producing heat. The array was only attached by ‘all rounds bands’ and not fixed to the roof properly, tiles were drilled through, the roof hadn’t been strengthened, and the original manufacturer and installer had gone out of business and replacement parts were not available. In essence, the old system was poorly made, badly installed and did not work  to anything like capacity.

After discussing all the issues with the client, we at Futurum suggested 4 possible options: Do nothing; service it and hope for the best; replace the array and tubes only or replaces the whole system. The client decided the best option was for us to replace the whole system.

Futurum installed the sleek Joule Navitas on-roof tube system, which is currently the best system on the market in our considered opinion. Tube systems are more efficient that flat-plate systems and produce more hot water per square metre. The system is designed to work in our typical UK climate and its black finish makes it an attractive option too. Also, the unique patented ventilation system ensures the collector provides maximum output while reducing heat loss from the inside collector.

The Joule system is tested to at least double the requirements of EN 12975:1-2 and also carries the Solar Keymark. The high efficiency collectors are further tested to determine their maximum positive and negative loading force that the collectors can resist.

The stripping down of the existing system and installation of the new one took just a few days to complete with minimum disruption to the client. During this time the roof was strengthened, something that Futurum do as a matter of course with all solar installations. We also provide every client with solar a 10 year roof guarantee against damage and leakage caused by the system.


Our client now has a fully functional, quality Solar Thermal System, safe in the knowledge that it will be supported by Futurum for years to come. She has also benefited from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which makes a quarterly payment to the client for 7 years covering a good deal of the installation cost.

The client, Mrs Scarlett said ‘I am extremely happy and glad I contacted Futurum’


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