In this case study we cover the installation of a modern, energy efficient gas boiler installed by our Gas Safe registered engineer, Tom Wood.

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Whilst our main focus of business is Renewable Energy, there are times when a client simply wants a modern gas boiler to replace their existing but old unit with a new energy efficient model and our recommendation to the client was to fit a Viessmann Vitodens unit.

We firmly believe that the Viessmann Vitodens range fits this requirement and is future proof in that it is designed to work with bio-oil and biogas from sustainable materials as they gradually replace crude oil and natural gas. All Viessmann condensing boilers are already prepared for admixtures of bio-oil and biogas and are also designed to work in conjunction with  solar thermal systems.


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All Viessmann boilers are 100% compatible with solar thermal panels. and the Vitodens 100-W range has the added advantage of boiler suppression, when using Viessmann solar panels and a dual coil cylinder. This means that the hot water system will always take advantage of solar power whenever solar energy is available and the boiler will only fire to ‘top up‘ the DHW heating process when absolutely necessary – resulting in significant fuel savings.

The Viessmann Vitodens Boiler is also very quiet and easy to maintain. This ease of maintanence reduces service times and this coupled with their proven reliability will of course save the client both money and hassle.

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Our client for this installation is based on the Poundbury Development in Dorset and asked us to replace their  15 year old gas boiler which was installed during the orginaly house build.

During installation, Tom and our apprentice added a new pump, auto-bypass and cylinder thermostat.




To ensure system efficiency they also carried out a full flush and maintenance of the radiators.

9 (591x800)The picture here shows just how much sludge can build up. This ‘magnatite sludge‘ is caused by a breakdown of metals in the system and shows why regular maintenance from a trained plumber is essential to maintaining the life of your heating system and of course keeping your home warm.

Futurum service all types of gas boiler but will only install high quality replacements where commissioned. We also carry out general plumbing and maintenance often as part of a full project managed house renovation.

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Gas Safe

Futurum are Gas Safe Registered so if you would like a quote for modern high quality gas boiler or need your existing boiler and/or heating system serviced please call us on 01305-755700 or fill out our enquiry form  –


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