The UK market for Electric Vehicle Chargers is growing rapidly! There are now over 40 electric vehicle models on the UK market from a variety of manufacturers. These range from the electric only Nissan LEAF and stunning Tesla to the popular plug-in hybrids such as the Mitsubishi PHEV and Audi E-Tron. At Futurum, we have installed hundreds of domestic charger at clients’ homes under the government backed OLEV subsidy scheme.

This scheme currently provides a subsidy of £500 towards to the cost of the charger and installation for owners and users of electric vehicles at their home. There are certain terms and conditions to qualifying for the grant. The main ones are that your vehicle must be able to be parked and charged off road on your property. The other is that you have this done 4 months either side of delivery. A typical install costs around £200 with prices rising depending on where the unit is installed in relation to your fuse board.

Access to charging points is of course essential to the success of the swap from diesel and petrol to electric. As well as the subsidy for domestic points, the government has got behind the installation of chargers installed at service stations and council car parks. Users here pay via coin, credit card or RFID card. CYC (Charge Your Car) is one of the main bodies managing this network ensuring good up time and easy billing.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Websites such as Zap Map allow electric vehicle users find charge points and plan their journeys, but most cars have a similar system built into their GPS/Satnav systems.

The market is set to grow across the UK and the rest of the world as the models and charging infrastructure grow. Inductive charging is already on the way and will mean that vehicles can be charged without being plugged in!

Businesses are also grasping the need to install chargers for their workforce and also for their customers. Like Wi-Fi some years ago, customers will soon demand chargers at their destination be it a hotel, restaurant or garden centre. Large hotel and supermarket chains are putting units in at new build developments but there is of course a need for a massive retro-fit program.

DSC00354 (1024x768)

At Futurum we can install a number of commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers from domestic type units wired into the mains to coin, token and card units for your staff and customers. The back end operating system on the commercial units is key, allowing businesses to bill and monitor units and payments. (shown above is a unit installed at Osprey Leisure Centre – Portland)

Whatever your Electric Vehicle Charge Point needs, Futurum can help. Call us on 01305-755700 to learn more.

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