We at Futurum are pleased to see the New products from Solarworld, our preferred solar panel provider based in Frieburg, Germany. Solarworld are the only panel producer in Europe to make panels from ‘sand to module’ across the continent. The build quality of their products is outstanding and they are always at the cutting edge of panel development.



The journey that begins with pure silicon and ends with a large-scale solar plant is long, and has many stages along the way. As one of the largest solar companies in the world, SolarWorld AG values utmost quality very highly – at every phase of production.

All of the intermediate and end products are produced according to the high SolarWorld quality standards. They have implemented thorough quality management processes and established state-of-the-art research and development departments to guarantee their customers high-performance products and best product quality at all times.

Sunmodule Bisun solar modules are ready to order

The Sunmodule Bisun XL 330W can generate up to 412 watts with its 72 bifacial duo cells. The Sunmodule Bisun 60-cell module 280W can generate up to 350 watts and now has a black frame option.

bisun-xl-duo-flat_front_back-web-trimmedOptimal conditions

The Sunmodule Bisun is particularly suitable for ground mount systems and flat roofs. When mounted over surfaces such as white membrane roofs or light-colored concrete more light is reflected into the module increasing the system energy yield. The brighter the surface the greater the system output. Additionally the Sunmodule Bisun produces more output than comparable modules on non-optimized surfaces such as grass, sand or steel roofing.

Bifacial cell technology

The Sunmodule Bisun utilizes SolarWorld’s duo cell technology. These innovative bifacial cells, based on SolarWorld’s proven PERC cell technology, generate additional energy through their active rear side.

AC Panel

acA system composed of SolarWorld AC Module solar module increases safety for the installation crew and for system operation. Solar installers should see a corresponding reduction of installation labor, helping to bring the BOS costs down. The unit is also completely field-replaceable or upgradeable. The SolarWorld AC Module is currently scheduled to be available in Q2 2017.


For more details on these panels call us on 01305-755700 or email us at  – sales@futurumltd.co.uk

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