The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced by the UK Government in 2011. This provides a subsidy, paid quarterly over 7 years to off set the cost of heat generating renewables such as Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Biomass (wood boilers).

Despite changes to the original scheme, the government has actually INCREASED payments in their goal to secure 12% of heating from renewable sources by 2020.

Ground Source Heat PumpThis is good news for those looking to replace gas, oil and other carbon fuel boilers with something cleaner and greener. Domestic tariffs will be increased to 10.18p per Kwh for air source heat pumps and to 19.86 p per Kwh for ground source heat pumps. For commercial users, the rate for air source heat pumps will increase to rates hitting 2.61 p per kWh and to 9.09 for ground source. Commercial subsidies are paid over 20 years.

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps are ideal for modern, well insulated properties generating up to 4 times the amount of power they draw. A lot of construction companies are installing heat pumps from the outset now as they become cheaper, more efficient and quieter.

Joule Navitas solar thermal tube system

Futurum can carry out a heat loss calculation and provide a quote for customers at no cost.

Get in touch with us on 01305-755700 for more details and an estimate of subsidy.

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