The Flow Energy Gas Boiler – The gas boiler that generates electricity as it heats your home.

The Flow Energy Gas Boiler heats your home efficiently and reliably – and generates electricity for your home at the same time. It reduces your bills and your carbon emissions and even comes in a package where you effectively only pay for installation.

Why choose Flow?

Flow provides much more than any other boiler. Any boiler can heat your home and water. But only one generates electricity, slashes your energy bills and is so clever it pays for itself.

Soon, everyone will have a Flow

Experts predict that boilers that generate electricity will become the dominant domestic heating technology.  Why?  It’s pretty simple – if you’re choosing between a boiler that generates electricity, slashing your home energy bills and carbon emissions, and one that doesn’t, the choice is fairly easy.

But in case you still need convincing, below are some compelling reasons why you should go with the Flow.

Get a boiler that pays for itself

As you know, the Flow boiler generates electricity, which can significantly reduce your home energy bills.  This is pretty special in itself.  But the Flow Energy Gas Boiler comes with something even more special –  a FIXED reduction in your home energy bill, irrespective of how much electricity your Flow boiler generates, that means your Flow boiler pays for itself in just 5 years – so you effectively don’t have to.

The Flow Energy Gas BoilerReduce your electricity bills long term

Energy bills have increased significantly over the last 20 years and are predicted to rise even more.  However, your Flow boiler will generate electricity for its lifetime.  That means you’ll be locking in lower energy bills for 10 years and more, even as everyone else’s bills are rising.  And that’s not all.  As part of your boiler package, you’ll also start to enjoy some of the cheapest home energy on the market, saving you up to an extra £434 a year, on top of the savings delivered by your boiler.

Save money on gas, too

The Flow Energy Gas Boiler is a 94% efficient, A-rated appliance. That means that it’s very good at turning gas into heat – much better than less efficient boilers. So, if you’re replacing an older, less efficient boiler, you’ll spend less money on gas to heat your home and water with Flow.

Save the planet

Flow Energy Gas Boiler

The Flow boiler generates electricity very efficiently.  So it significantly reduces your household carbon emissions – by about 20%, or the same amount as driving 4000 miles less in the average UK car. So you’ll do your bit to save the planet without lifting a finger.

Install a reliable, British-made product

The Flow boiler is innovative and exciting. But it’s also reliable and dependable. It uses exactly the same industry-leading components that the UK’s biggest boiler manufacturers use. It’s made from the highest quality materials and it’s manufactured in the UK – in Livingston, in the Almond Valley, just outside Edinburgh.

Get a 5 year warranty and 24/7 support

The Flow boiler comes with a five year warranty on the boiler itself and a five year warranty on the electricity-generating power module, although the power module warranty will actually continue for up to 10 years, as long as you stay with Flow for your home energy.  Repair and servicing is provided 363 days a year, 24 hours a day. So you can trust Flow to keep your boiler working and keep you warm.

The Flow boiler is easy to install and maintain

The Flow boiler installs just as easily as a normal boiler. It’s easy to maintain too since it’s built with a modular design, allowing quick access to all its components. And the components themselves are standard industry components that are very cost effective.

Flow’s a company you can trust

The Flow Energy Gas Boiler is new but Flow isn’t. Flow is part of Flowgroup plc, a respected stock market listed company with a 10 year history of innovation. Flowgroup has a range of award-winning products. Find out more about our Group’s history and future here.

Flow is good for UK Plc

The Flow boiler was designed and developed by Flow scientists and engineers in Capenhurst, near Chester. It’s manufactured in Scotland. Flow’s customer services and senior teams are based in Ipswich. We’re a clever company creating high value jobs and working hard for UK Plc.

Find out if a Flow boiler is right for you – Call us on 01305-755700 to learn more

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