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At Futurum we install Austrian made ETA Biomass Boilers, controls and associated system components. These are manufactured by ETA, an Austrian company dedicated to the production of high specification biomass heating boilers. Biomass boilers burn wood logs, pellet or chips taken from sustainable sources or a customers own managed supply.

Biomass BoilerETA Biomass Boilers have been produced in Europe for the last 16 years and work in the UK exclusively with distributor, Innasol. Futurum are a Certified Partner of Innasol which is proud to have established a strong mutual working relationship with ETA. Innasol offers unrivaled training and on-going support. This ensures that your ETA Biomass Boiler is installed to the highest standard. During our Innasol Customer Excellence Audit we scored maximum points for installation and all processes.


Sustainable Solutions

Pine pellets infront a wall of firewoods in flames

Biomass Boilers are run from logs, pellet or chips

Thanks to ETA’s ever-expanding product range, we offer sustainable solutions for all types of consumer and business. By installing an ETA Biomass Boiler, you too will utilise the very latest biomass technology. Biomass is ideal for rural houses and small organisations to large commercial and industrial enterprises. In addition, businesses are also able to reduce the cost of a unit’s installation with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The RHI makes this business model a robust, reliable and cost-effective and investment.
Domestic customers are able (subject to certain criteria) to claim the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, a government subsidy paid over 7 years. This subsidy pays for a large proportion of your equipment and installation costs so therefore, it will help off set the cost of the system. Talk to our advisors today on 01305-755700 to find out more.

To see how installing a Biomass Boiler benefited one farmer, watch our Case Study Video.

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