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Klover Biomass Stove

Klover Biomass Stoves are a distinctive range of MCS accredited boilers which can run off wood pellets, chip or logs. We can now install the full choice of models from the Smart 120 cooker, a selection of in-house boilers, utility boilers for sheds and outhouses, dual-fuel models which burn logs and pellets as well as space-saving inset models designed to be built into a wall.



Quality Engineering

Klover Biomass StovesInside, the quality engineering and simplicity of operation make Klover Biomass Stoves reliable, robust and very efficient. Wood pellets already offer an economically viable alternative to oil or LPG and some Klover pellet boilers also allow you to benefit from the government’s generous RHI grant scheme which launched in the Spring of 2014. This pays qualifying clients a 7 year subsidy paid quarterly which will cover most of the installation and equipment costs.




bi-fire-midPellet boilers are hand fed into the built in hopper and will take enough wood fuel up to 2-3 days. They are clean and easy to use and burn at over 90% efficiency. Klover boilers can also be programmed to light their self whenever warmth is needed. Klover products are well built and designed to give years of trouble free, low cost and environmentally free heating.


Klover Biomass Stoves

Klover 120 Biomass Stove - Available in a range of colourways

Klover 120 Biomass Stove – Available in a range of colourways

With an output to water of 17.5 kW, and total automation, the Smart 120 will take care of all your heating and hot water needs, give you a hot oven and hotplate as well as being a really stylish addition to your kitchen. As with all Klover products, the Smart 120 is superbly built and designed with great attention to detail. It lights itself in the morning, so that your house is warm when you wake up, makes sure that there is plenty of hot water, and is there ready to cook your breakfast in a warm kitchen. You can set it exactly as you would an oil or gas boiler so that it comes on and goes off to fit in with the way you live.

On the left hand side of the cooker is the hopper that holds 32 kilos of pellets, which are automatically fed into the fire chamber as fuel is required. Once every day or two you simply top up the hopper with a bag of pellets and with Klover’s advanced combustion system the fuel is being burnt at over 90% efficiency. You are burning a fuel that is nearly carbon neutral, clean and easy to use and all at a considerable saving compared to oil or gas.

As of October 2016 the Klover 120 is now available in a log version.

Klover Wood Log Stove

Futurum Renewable Energy Systems are a Klover Authorised Dealer and Installerauthorised-dealer-klover


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