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Daikin Hybrid Heat Pump systems are an attractive option for combi-boiler replacement. They are eligible for domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments, and this year we will be installing these systems produced by Daikin.


The introduction of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DRHI) has therefore meant renewable systems are becoming a more viable and attractive home heating method. Perhaps the most versatile are hybrid systems. Hybrid systems combine familiar technology such as a gas boiler with a more efficient renewable heating solution. Typically, this is as an air-to-water heat pump. The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump system combines a gas condensing combi-boiler with an air-to-water heat pump. This system can be connected directly to existing pipework and radiators.

daikin-thermal-thumbThis combined operation helps homeowners reduce their energy bills and ensures comfort all year round. Over an entire year, up to 70% of the energy required for heating is provided by the heat pump. This can be either on its own, or in combination with the condensing boiler in hybrid mode. In this mode, water is pre-heated by the more efficient heat pump. The result is reduced energy consumed by the boiler. Only at the coldest times of the year does the boiler work alone.

The compact indoor unit, which includes both a boiler and the heat pump hydrobox, fits in the same space as a conventional wall-hung boiler. Consequently, this will save space in the home, and therefore have less impact than other types of heat pump. This is then connected to an outdoor unit that can be installed discretely, up to 20m away.

Efficient Heating

Daikin’s Hybrid Heat Pump systems are up to 35% more efficient in heating than the most efficient gas condensing boilers. Both the heating system and the installer must be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited which we at Futurum are.

Daikin Hybrid Heat Pump SystemDaikin Hybrid Heat Pump Systems are an excellent way to introduce homeowners to renewable energy technologies, especially where the system is packaged with a familiar gas combi boiler. For gas or LPG boilers coming to the end of their working life, a hybrid system can deliver the lower running costs associated with renewable heating. It will also provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of DRHI payments.

Our team at Futurum can tell you how much your are likely to get back from the Heat Incentive and provide a no obligation quote.

We do not either use any pressure sales techniques so please call us to chat further if you are interested in the hybrid heat pump at 01305-755700


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