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Futurum are approved installers of British made Dragon Biomass Boilers. These versatile boilers can be used to burn a multitude of materials including wood and short rotation crops.

Dragon Biomass BoilersFor over 30 years Dragon Biomass Boilers have developed heating systems to efficiently burn by-products from industry. This includes by products from farms and commercial enterprises. The hot water produced is used to replace fossil fuel for all kinds of heating and drying applications. The Dragon Boilers are built in Lincolnshire, England by their team of skilled fabricators to the highest standards.  All boilers are pressure tested during construction to 2.5 bars (50% higher than required). This ensures for  many years of low cost heat. A number of Dragon Biomass Boilers are still in operation after 25 years of service

Dragon Biomass Boilers are burn all types of fuels such as woodchip and sawdust, in a rotary hearth. Units can also be factory-fitted  inside an ISO shipping container. This is done to minimise work installation times and allow for seasonal relocation.

All Dragons have a thermostatically controlled fan to modify the rate of burning. The ratio of primary air (under the fire) and secondary air (over the fire to burn the gases) can be adjusted to suit your fuel and your heat demand. All Dragons are heavily insulated to reduce heat loss.

Applications for Dragon Biomass Boilers are: Greenhouses, Farm Houses, Milking Parlours, Swimming Pools, Grain Drying, Wood Drying, District Heat Systems, Stud Farms, Forestry Businesses, Timber Yards, Care Homes and many more.

Dragon Biomass Boliers have developed two ranges The range you choose depends on the moisture content of your fuel.

The Double pass Dragon Biomass Boilers Range

Similar to the basic Dragon Biomass Boilers with the same furnace dimensions. However the hot gases pass through 120 mm tubes surrounded by water and up to 30% more heat can be transferred into water. The D6, D8, D12, D20, D30, D40 are RHI compliant, allowing you to take advantage of UK Government subsidies. To find out how much subsidy you would receive call us on  0800 080 60 40 or  01305-755700 or email us at

Single and Double Pass Dragons

Single and Double Pass Dragons

Selecting the right boiler for your fuel needs

Dragon boilers can burn anything from timber and small bales to Heston bales, larger timber and whole pallets.


Wood used should have been seasoned for at least 18 months to reduce moisture content, reduce the risk of tarring in the flue and increase calorific value. Painted or treated timber may need an afterburner. Pallets can be filled with a variety of industrial by-products. When burning damp fuel the moisture must be driven off as white steam. Black smoke is the result of incomplete combustion or inappropriate fuel but this is allowed for 20 minutes after re-loading until heat is restored. Smoke can be reduced by fitting an accumulator tank or after-burner.


Rapeseed, linseed, or bean straw burns hotter and cleaner, wheat is preferred to barley. In winter, a 17 kg small bale of straw will heat 2 radiators for 24 hours with enough spare to heat the water.

Other Waste

Miscanthus, willow, poplar and other biomass such as vineyard prunings, rice husks and olive pips can be burned in a Dragon. An average house needs only a third of a hectare of willow.

Animal Carcasses

Up to 50kg per hour of pig and poultry carcasses can be burned providing they were produced on the holding and the ash remains on the farm. Other animals can be burned with an afterburner to ensure complete combustion. We suggest you consult your local DEFRA Animal Health Divisional Office for further advice.

RHI and typical payback

Most of the Dragon Biomass Boiler range are approved under the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy. Costs and returns will vary but as you will note below from this typical example, payback is quite lucrative with the unit paying for itself in under 3 years!

At Futurum, our biomass experts advise on the RHI and assist with the complex paperwork of a Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive claim having installed dozens of units across the UK.

Dragon Biomass Boilers

Dragon Biomass Boiler and Thermal Store

In essence, Dragons Biomass Boilers are perfect for a variety of farm uses. They are well made in the UK and most are available under the lucrative Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive paid over 20 years by the UK Government via OFGEM. For more info on Dragons call us on 01305-755700.

Download the brochure at – dragon flyer

Futurum are accredited to install biomass boilers under the Micro-Generation Certification Scheme – and are approved electrically under the NICEIC  –

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