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E3 Combined Heat and Power Unit from Entrade

The German made E3 Combined Heat and Power Unit from Entrade offers base-load
power from biomass and waste products right where it is needed, 24/7. The E3 produces power at your site that costs less than electricity from the National Grid or heating from natural gas. The Entrade Biomass based CHP boiler is available in power outputs from 25kW to 2MW (electricity generation range).
Unlike generators that use fossil fuels the E3 Heat and Power unit will power your life and business in a completely
sustainable and carbon neutral manner. Our patented design has been developed with few movable parts to ensure safe and secure power supply and to keep operational handling and maintenance downturn to a minimum.

Entrade CHP containersied system

Entrade CHP containersied system



The E3 Heat and Power unit defines a revolution in small scale power generation, protected by over 60 patents and patent applications. This results in a high-tech machine that is safe to operate in all corners of the world with an uptime above 90 %. The high-temperature reformer turns biomass and waste into a clean high-quality syngas. This syngas is used to generate up to 25 kW of electric energy and 60 kW of heat and optionally 30 kW of cooling. The world’s smallest biomass power generator has 85 % overall efficiency and requires low service and maintenance. The E3 is fully automated and remote controlled, thus no work input is needed on your part. The E3 is smaller than any professional energy system on the current energy market. Improved safety and reliability standards of the E3 match any large-scale power plants.

Quality Engineering

A wide variety of waste products can be transformed into clean energy instantly onsite with little infrastruct

v2 generator

E2 Engine

ural requirements. With an installation and commissioning time of less
than one day, you can be generating your own power tomorrow. The E3 is a high quality product designed, manufactured and developed in
Germany. All welding is done by certified suppliers in order to ensure reliable
operations of the system. Because we are so sure of our product we offer
an entire new level of service with replacement parts and 24/7 customer
service. With our long lasting experience in the business of building complex
power systems we know that quality prevails.


The E3 Combined Heat and Power unit comes with state of the art remote hard- and software monitoring. Therefore, your E3 will be remotely managed by us and Entrades operation centre to ensure your unit is operating at its most efficient at all times. Experienced engineers are available 24/7 to ensure that your E3 continues to run smoothly and safely.The E3 is setting new industrial standards by offering complete system management. You, as the owner, will never have to bother with any technical issues or operations. We will even make contact with you if we need to attend to the unit.

Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive

To increase and accelerate the use of renewable energy in the UK, the government has introduced The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI  is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat.

The RHI programme pays incentives for heat generated from renewable sources of energy. With the E3 Combined Heat and Power unit, a biomass CHP plant, you can benefit from the highest incentive scheme. The RHI is fixed and guaranteed for over 20 years. Instead of paying for your energy supply, you can generate an extra secure income with your E3 Combined Heat and Power Unit.
There are two parts to the RHI:
· Domestic RHI – is open to homeowners, private land lords, social landlords and self-builders
· Non-domestic RHI –provides payments to industry,businesses and public sector organisations
ROCs – In addition, the E3 also certifies for Renewable Obligation Certificates.
The combination of both incentive programmes provides a very strong business case reaching pay-back periods of 2-4 years. The E3 pays for itself and gives you extra income and free energy.

Our team at Futurum can advise and provide a free no obligation site visit and quote. They will also show you how your business can benefit from this outstanding product.

For further information please contact us on  0800 080 60 40 or locally on 01305-755700 or in the North of England on 01609-775500.

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