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What is Far Infrared Heating?

Far Infrared Heating is a radiant heat. It provides the same feeling of warmth as the winter sun on your face and the heat from a coal fire. It is even the same form of heat emitted by your own body. It is the most basic form of heating known to man.
It’s the same heat we feel from an environment warmed by the sun, and the wavelength most efficiently absorbed by the body. It is 100% safe and natural (it’s UV that is harmful, not infrared).

Herschel Far Infrared Heaters


Humans are radiant objects.  Radiant objects, including humans, absorb and emit far infrared heat and our sense of comfort is less to do with the air temperature and more to do with the temperature of the environment around us.

Far Infrared Heaters

Make your room a 360° radiator

In a cold room the building will ‘take’ your body heat and make you feel cold. However, if we use Herschel Far Infrared to directly heat the walls, floor and ceiling of a building (the ‘thermal mass’) the room will stop taking away our body heat, and radiate back the infrared heat, making us feel warm.

Radiant vs Convection

Radiant heat warms you, not the air. As conventional radiators heat a room, they heat the air, which can quickly dissipate.

Infrared heating solutions are up to 50% more energy efficient than most other heating systems because they lock the heat in the objects, slowly releasing pleasant warmth in to the air.

Far Infrared Heating Types

Far infrared heaters are available for commercial, industrial, domestic and outdoor applications.

Far Infrared HeaterHerschel guarantee their Far Infrared Heaters for up to 10 years. Made of the highest quality components, these heaters are built to last. They are subject to rigorous testing by TÜV or equivalent bodies and, for the UK market, are specifically optimised for UK voltage.

Far Infrared Heaters for all requirements.

Heaters come as flat panels, mirrors and even as pictures! There are types for your home, your business and even outside.

Shown below at Fast IR, ideal for heating a zone where one person is working. These are perfect for factories and warehouses. Other businesses, such as garden centres, trade counters and places where one or more people are stood in a large space are also ideal applications for this type of IR heating.

Far Infrared Heaters

Picture shown on the right is a Far Infrared Heater

Far Infrared Heaters

Far Infrared Heaters for outside use

Herschel; Far Infrared Heaters

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