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Rointe Electric Heaters

Delta Black Radiator

Rointe Low Energy Electric Heaters for those off the gas grid and using old style electric night storage heaters, there is a low cost option for those wanting to stick with electric heat.

Rointe Heaters are made in Spain and provide an affordable option when homeowners are looking to ditch their old heaters and are not keen on oil, LPG or biomass options.

Rointe Low Energy Electric HeatersRointe KYROS electric radiators provide the user with a complete low consumption digitally integrated system allowing homeowners and businesses to fully control their heating manually or via their smart phone. Thanks to the advanced Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, you can enjoy the comfort and well being assured by Rointe and with reduced consumption.

Control your heating from your Smart Phone

Control your heating from your Smart Phone

These electric heaters can often be installed in a day (based on a typical 3 bed home) when replacing older style storage or electric heaters when in a ‘one for one’ swap. This reduces install costs and often works out about the same cost as installing a decent quality gas boiler.

By using the smart controls on the D Series models, clients can control each Rointe heater via their Smart Phone when at home or in the office. When used correctly, this will reduce your heating bills by ensuring that only the right amount of heat is being used in the room and only when truly needed. Radiators can be set to stop others in the home or office tampering with the heating controls.


Rointe Low Energy Electric  Heaters

Rointe - Towel Rail - Bathroom Heater

Rointe – Towel Rail – Bathroom Heater

Rointe Low Energy Electric Heaters are well made within Europe and come with good guarantees. On the Kyros models, this is 6 years on the electrical parts and 20 years on the aluminium body. For the Delta series it is 10 years on body and 5 years on the electrical parts.

Towel rails are available using the same technology.

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