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The Solar PV Battery Storage by The Samsung SDI, stores electricity generated by Solar PV systems for use at night.

Traditionally, solar energy could only be used during daylight hours. Excess energy from PV is normally sold back into the national grid. Samsung SDI’s energy storage system allows you to store the excess energy at night when you most likely need it most. With energy bills ever increasing, self-consumption of this excess energy is the smart way to save money. Self Consumption is the ability to use all the energy you generate from your solar panels.

Samsung SDI

System Efficiency

Samsungs Solar PV Battery Storage solution combines the functions of a dual inverter and a lithium-ion battery into one compact unit. The systems integrated inverter increases efficiency by only converting the energy once into AC power. This stored energy can then be used around the home. The compact design allows the unit to be installed with ease into even the smallest of rooms.

Installing a Samsung Energy Storage Solution will increase Self Consumption and decrease your electricity bills. This is because you will use more of your own on-site solar generated power.

The Samsung unit is ideally installed in a garage or utility room and measures only 1 metre x 68 cms and is less than 27 cms deep. This is about the size of a small radiator.

The Samsung unit can be installed in a couple of hours. An ideal time to install this unit is after failure of your original inverter. This unit has an inverter installed, though you could upgrade to this system at any time.

The unit comes with a 5 year product warranty and 10 year performance warranty which can be extended to 20 years.

The performance can also be monitored remotely by you or allocated to us and is sophisticated enough to detect errors in advance.

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