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Underfloor Heating is now the heating system of choice for heating buildings in the UK. The system works by circulating warm water through pipes in the building’s floor. There are underfloor heating systems available for all types or constructions and floor coverings now and can go under tiles, laminate flooring, stone, timber and carpet.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be added to an existing building as a retro-fit system,  or can be included in the specification for a new build project – both for homes and for commercial buildings. Underfloor heating can also be combined with a traditional radiator system if required.


Due to the significant growth of renewable energy systems underfloor heating has become the prominent system choice installed in Europe.

Profiles of underfloor systems are now as low as 22 mm so adjustments to door heights is rarely required.

 Working with Renewable Energy Systems

Underfloor heating is the preferred heat emitter for renewable energy systems and can be used with all other traditional heating sources to provide an even temperature across your home or office.

Joule Navitas solar thermal tube system

Joule Navitas solar thermal tube system -works well with underfloor heating systems


  • Underfloor heating has a host of advantages over a traditional radiator system including:
  • Lower running costs – over traditional heating systems.
  • Even distribution of heat across the room the gentle heat radiates up from the floor rather than a hot radiator.
  • More space – your walls are completely clear so you can place your furniture where you wish.
  • Very little maintenance – is required as the systems are self operating. All you need to do is decide what temperature you want your rooms to be.
  • Individual room temperature control – Save money by reducing heat in rooms little used.
  • Quiet – no more noisy systems or sounds of water running through pipes in the walls.
  • Luxurious – adds perceived value to your property.
  • Less air movement – lower convection currents mean that pollen and bacteria can circulate less freely, giving you improved air quality.
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A wide range of room controls available

Futurum’s team of installers can advise on the best underfloor system for you and have years of experience installing across the UK. Underfloor heating is our heating system of choice for homes we install renewable energy technologies on such as those with Solar Thermal, heat pumps and biomass.

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Underfloor heating


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